About Research

At TBC Capital, we know that thorough research is the key to determining attractive investment opportunities. Furthermore, we believe that for informed investors, sectoral and macro analysis is a key component in forming a sound framework for their investment decisions. In Georgia’s rapidly developing market, investors need real-time access to comprehensive data and structured, analytical insights. The main objective of TBC Capital’s research unit is to deliver a holistic view of the risks and opportunities related to economic sectors, in particular companies and capital markets in Georgia and the region.

Our Coverage


Our macroeconomic reports offer analysis of developments predominantly in Georgian but also in other regional economies to provide our readers with expert insights on key macro trends and projections.

Sectoral Research

Our sectoral reports offer in-depth assessments of the current trends and prospects covering the full spectrum of business sectors in Georgia. They serve to provide investors with a unique, expert view of the opportunities in the many industries of this dynamic economy.

Financial Markets

Our fixed income research tracks the development of capital markets in Georgia and provides coverage of corporates from both Georgia and the wider region, equipping investors with up-to-date market analysis and expert insights.

Weekly Updates

Our weekly updates track the main national economic and financial news keeping readers informed of the latest developments.

Customized Reports

Leveraging our unique expertise and experience, we offer our customers tailored research-based solutions.

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